Photography Services

Photography Services

The impact of great photography can never be overstated, and this is the case for all businesses. Whether you supply products or services, having great looking images of our team in action or your product in use catches attention, and makes people take notice.

At 2XL, we are pleased to offer a wide range of photography services, so no matter what assistance you require, we are on hand to make a massive difference to how you connect with your audience.

Commercial photography sets the tone for your business

Whether the photographs are used on social media, your website or even in a physical print format, you need the best photos that have the strongest impact. It is fair to say that smartphone cameras utilise fantastic technology, and virtually every business has access to a tremendous camera.

However, the most striking images aren’t just about the technology, a great photograph depends on many factors such as lighting, positioning and having a story to tell. At 2XL, we have considerable experience in the tangible and intangible elements that bring your photographs to life, and we are more than happy to offer a range of affordable photography services.

Corporate headshots help your audience connect with your team

There is no denying the importance of connecting with your prospective clients and customers. To make a genuine connection, you need to have a personal side to your business, and this is where the best standard of corporate headshot photographs makes a difference.

Yes, there is a need for formality with these shots, but you want to showcase your team in the best light, and you want to let personalities shine through. If you are a team with a light-hearted approach, the headshots you share on site, or encourage your team to use on social media, should be different from the ones used by a formal legal department or organisation dealing in serious matters.

Headshots should be a reflection of your staff members and your team, helping people to form an accurate opinion on who you are, and what you offer. If you are looking for the best standard of relatable and effective corporate headshot photography, 2XL is here for you.

We offer an extensive range of photography services

We are pleased to work closely with companies from a wide range of industries, sectors and backgrounds. No matter your budget, or no matter the imagery you wish to create, our photography services will help you develop your brand and connect with your audience.

Some of the other photography styles we offer include:

• Fashion and lifestyle shots that show your products being used in everyday life
• Hero shots which place your product front and centre, and this is a great image to use on adverts and in billboards
• Event photography which captures the essence of your special occasion, and the emotions felt by attends and guests
• You Post, We Shoot photography which includes a full discussion with our in-house photographer, and we’ll then capture your products in all their glory in our studio

If you are looking for the best standard of photography services, 2XL is here for you. We have an experienced team of photographers with an excellent track record in creating vibrant and interesting images for products and services. Why not call us today on 01737 237765.

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