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Web design

We are primarily a design company that specialise in design and web optimisation.

Our experience and fresh approach to website design ensures that all of the websites that we produce not only look great, but most importantly, work hard for your business.

Unlike most web design companies, we believe that we offer our clients the complete solution. An innovative design built by our in-house web designers incorporates a user friendly layout, encouraged lead generation, high search engine rankings and most importantly, great customer service.

Responsive design

Responsive web design allows your website to be one step ahead of the latest devices.

By making use of fluid design and crafting your site to respond optimally to the size of the screen it is viewed on, it will look perfect whatever the environment - be it iPhone or large desktop monitor. Responsive design will save you time and money over the short, medium and long term.

One site equals a multitude of deployment possibilities! Going responsive guarantees lower initial set-up costs compared to developing concurrent mobile and desktop versions of the same site. It also means you only have one site's content to maintain, thus lowering the risk of incorrect/inconsistent content across the company's web presence.


We conform to World Wide Web Consortium standards.

2XL ensure that our websites have the best user experinece and accessibility standards for all users.

User testing

How functional is your site?

2xl provde a full user testing service, based on your exisiting website to determine how effective your business is online.

Contact us for UX testing: 01737 237765