Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Rather than bore you with the same old statistics about video use that every company shares to persuade you of the importance of video for businesses, just think about how you spend your time online.

There is a strong chance that you watch a considerable range of video content, on many different sites. This isn’t unique to you. Consider your family, and think about the people around you when you are out and about. People demand video content, and as a business, you need to give people what they want. At 2XL, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of video production services aimed at helping you connect with your audience, and make sales.

What are video production services?

Video production work begins long before someone presses the record button. Good quality video production includes scriptwriting, scheduling and dealing with all the logistics and administrative aspects of creating video content.

For a business, video content should have a purpose, and it should be created with a buyer or buyers in mind. Therefore, a good video production services firm gets to know you, and your audience before they start thinking about the sort of video they should create.

Consider the equipment used in producing business videos

Some of the most common equipment used in video production services include:

• Lighting
• A tripod
• Headphones
• Portable digital audio recorded
• Light reflector
• Lenses
• A lot of batteries

Whether you are hiring or buying this equipment, it can be expensive. Also, this is just the items you need to capture the footage, this doesn’t include props or materials required for the video itself. Very quickly, the cost of shooting video yourself becomes too expensive, which is why it is best to rely on a professional who can spread the cost of equipment across a wide range of projects.

There are also many technical aspects associated with making videos look great. Before you know it, you realise the amount of planning, effort, equipment, time and work involved with producing great videos is a lot, and this is why it is best to outsource this work to an experienced professional.

Who needs video production?

The reality is, every firm needs some form of video content for their social media activities, and their website. Some firms might be able to make short videos on their smartphone. If you can do this and achieve positive results, you don’t need to hire a professional to assist you.

However, the vast majority of businesses will benefit from specialist video production support.

What should a video marketing strategy involve?

While improvisation is fun, if you want to have the best impact, it is helpful to have a video strategy in place. At 2XL, we are pleased to say that we offer a video marketing strategy as part of our video production services. This includes:

• Discussions with you regarding your audience and what they want from you
• A consistent branding across the videos
• A clear focus for the video content
• A story to tie everything together and to help people connect with you
• The use of social proof whenever and wherever possible
• Optimisation of your videos to improve their impact online
• A call to action which drives people from the video to your website or place of business
• Analysis of the video’s performance

What sort of video production services do you require?

Some of the video production services we offer include:

• Corporate and promotional filming
• Documentaries
• Editing Services
• Live event filming
• Motion Graphics
• Music Videos
• Short Films
• Viral Promo Films

If you are looking for the best standard of video production services, 2XL is here for you. We understand the importance of video production, and why it is essential in connecting with your customers, both old and new. No matter the platform or media you plan to use the video content on, we will ensure it is tailored to these needs. To find out more about our video production services, and why these are ideal for you, contact us today on 01737 237765.

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