SEO Google stating video content essential for recipe sites and more

When it comes to developing a strategy, it is important to be aware of what Google is trying to do. It would be nice to be in a position where you were proactive, but many SEO professionals and businesses find themselves reacting to Google as opposed to being ahead of the curve. There were some changes on the 1st of March 2018 which will have caused some people to sit up and take notice. These

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Uncategorised SEO mistakes you must avoid

There is a lot of information about the SEO tips you should follow to improve your rankings and being found by search engines. You need content that appeals to these engines and your audience, which can be a challenging task to balance. However, even if you are doing many things right, you may not rank highly on search engines. This is all down to mistakes you could be making alongside the posi

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Uncategorised Links: What Google looks for

There are many different aspects that impact on your SEO and links have a big role to play. Google and the other search engines have long considered the importance of links, and this means that you need to be aware of what Google is looking for with respect to links.

Authority of the source

It stands to reason that if the search engine trusts or respects the source of the link heading t

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Uncategorised More Free SEO Tools For Your Business

Hopefully you have already read the first part of our free SEO tools for your business content, but if you haven’t, feel free to do so now. It’s ok, we’ll wait for you to come back. Right, are we good to go with even more ways to improve your search engine optimisation activities without spending any money? Let’s get stuck in.

Screaming Frog

We all make mistakes. Some people may

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Uncategorised Free SEO tools for your business

You should know by now that SEO is very important for your business, but there are always many reasons to avoid doing SEO. You may be concerned about the time it takes and you’ll likely worry about the cost. However, help is at and because we have a list of FREE SEO Tools that will help you take care of your search engine optimisation activities. As these tools are free, the price is right for a

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Uncategorised 2018 SEO tips that you may overlook

When it comes to performing well with respect to search engine optimisation, or SEO to its friends, there are some things that you have to do. This means that you will often see the same tips coming up time and time again. This isn’t a bad thing. After all, if there is something you need to do, it can be helpful to get regular reminders of these tasks. However, you will likely find that there

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Uncategorised SEO tools for a bootstrapped business

  SEO is one of the most important and most talked about topics for businesses with an online presence. However, so much has been said about SEO that many people have become confused and struggle to find the discipline to keep up with the important issues. SEO is continually evolving and this means that many people decide against staying in touch with the latest trends. It can be a time

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SEO The Journey begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton So this is a new start for 2xl we have officially entered the realm of blogging. Despite us being a media agency we have done what 99% of businesses do and neglect ourselves to ensure our we provide our clients with the level of service they deserve. We are not a massive organisation with departmental

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SEO Life Design through SEO

    What a Wonderfull world we live in!. Ever wanted to become an entrepreneur? Now is definitely the time. With the advance of tech and the rate of communication the limits are boundless. Now I know that it sounds like I'm some crack pot idealist with not concept of reality but life never ceases to amaze me. As you read this post you will find comfort that I st

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Technology PHP 7 website upgrade

Everybody is upgrading to PHP 7 website, don't be left behind! If you have a PHP website then it should be upgraded from a slow PHP5 one to a latest and speedy PHP 7. In case you are making a new website then you should use PHP 7 to boost your website speed by 2x and gain more revenue on your investment. PHP 7 is loaded with many features such as: • High performance • Just in time engine

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SEO SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO is one of the most important and most talked about topics for businesses with an online presence. However, so much has been said about SEO that many people have become distant to the discipline or no longer keep up with the important issues. SEO is continually evolving check out this blog for all new algorithm up

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