SEO 5 Ways You Might Mess up When Running SEO Split Tests

SEO split testing is a relatively new concept, but it’s becoming an essential tool for any SEO who wants to call themselves data-driven. People have been familiar with A/B testing in the context of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for a long time, and applying those concepts to SEO is a logical next step if you want to be confident that what you’re spending your time on is actually going to

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SEO 10 Link Building Lies You Must Ignore

Even though link building has been a trade for more than a decade, it’s clear that there is still an enormous amount of confusion around it. Every so often, there is a large kerfuffle. Some of these controversies and arguments arise simply from a necessity to fill a content void, but some of them arise from genuine concern and confusion: “Don’t ask for links!” “Stick a fork in

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SEO A/B Split Testing Google’s UGC Attribute

When Craig Bradford of Distilled reached out and asked if we'd like to run some SEO experiments on Moz using DistilledODN, our reply was an immediate "Yes please!" If you're not familiar with DistilledODN, it's a sophisticated platform that allows you to do a number of cool things in the SEO space: 1) Make almost any change to your website through the ODN dashboard. Since th

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SEO Custom Extraction Using an SEO Crawler for CRO and UX Insights

From e-commerce to listings sites to real estate and myriad verticals beyond, the data you can harness using custom extraction via crawler tools is worth its weight in revenue. With a greater granularity of data at your fingertips, you can uncover CRO and user experience insights that can inform your optimizations and transform your customer experience. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, we'

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Uncategorised New Opportunities for Image SEO: How to Leverage Machine Vision for Strategic Wins

Image search results used to give you the option to “view image” without having to navigate to the site the image was hosted on. When it started in 2013, sites saw a 63% decline in organic traffic from image results. Why? Because there was no need to click through when the image could be viewed in full from within the search results.

And then everything changed

In February

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Uncategorised How to Get Started Building Links for SEO

Search for information about SEO, and you’ll quickly discover three big themes: contentuser experience, and links. If you’re just getting started with SEO, that last theme will likely seem a lot more confusing and challenging than the others. That’s because, while content and user experience are under the realm of our control, links are

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Uncategorised A Breakdown of HTML Usage Across ~8 Million Pages (& What It Means for Modern SEO)

We wrote about the markup results and how the top twenty Google results pages implement them, then went even further and obtained HTML usage insights on them.

What does this have to do with SEO?

The way HTML is written dictates what users see and how search engines interpret web pages. A valid, well-formatted HTML page also reduces possible misinterpretation — of structured data,

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SEO Announcing Quick, Free SEO Metrics with a New Domain Analysis Tool

With Domain Analysis, we wanted to combine SEO data in one place, and quickly show it to people without the need of creating a login or signing up for an account. The tool is free, and showcases a preview of many top SEO metrics in one place, including: 1. Domain Authority 2. Linking Root Domains 3. # of Ranking Keywords 4. Spam Score 5. Top

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The first recorded usage of the term SEO was in 1997 on the site MMG WebStep Services, where it was listed as part of several service packages they offered. Interestingly enough, other services included in the packages were link development, writing and distributing press releases, and online advertising— and many digital marketing firms still offer similar services today. The truth is, t

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SEO How to Write Content for Answers Using the Inverted Pyramid – Best of Whiteboard Friday

If you've been searching for a quick hack to write content for featured snippets, this isn't the article for you. But if you're looking for lasting results and a smart tactic to increase your chances of winning a snippet, you're definitely in the right place. Borrowed from journalism, the inverted pyramid method of writing can help you craft intentional, compelling, rich content that will help

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