Announcing Quick, Free SEO Metrics with a New Domain Analysis Tool

With Domain Analysis, we wanted to combine SEO data in one place, and quickly show it to people without the need of creating a login or signing up for an account.

The tool is free, and showcases a preview of many top SEO metrics in one place, including:

1. Domain Authority

2. Linking Root Domains

3. # of Ranking Keywords

4. Spam Score

5. Top Pages

6. Top Linking Domains

7. Discovered and Lost Links

8. Keywords by Estimated Clicks (new)

9. Top Ranking Keywords

10. Top Featured Snippets (new)

11. Top Branded Keywords (new)

12. Keyword Ranking Distribution

13. Top Search Competitors (new)

14. Top Search Questions (new)

Many of these metrics are previews that you can explore more in-depth using Moz tools such as Link Explorer and Keyword Explorer.

New experimental metrics

Domain Analysis includes a number of new, experimental metrics not available anywhere else. These are metrics developed by our search scientist Dr. Pete Meyers that we’re interested in exploring because we believe they are useful to SEO. Those metrics include:

Branded Keywords

Branded keywords are a type of navigational query in which users are searching for a particular site. These can be some of the website’s most valuable keywords. Typically, it’s very hard — for anyone outside of Google — to accurately know what a site’s branded keywords actually are. Using some nifty computations in our database, here you’ll find the highest volume keywords reflecting the site’s brand. Cool, right?

Keywords by Estimated Clicks

You know your competitor ranks #1 for a keyword, but how many clicks does that generate for them? Keywords by Estimate Clicks uses ranking position, search volume, and estimated click-through rate (CTR) to estimate just how many clicks each keyword generates for that website.

Top Featured Snippets

Search results with featured snippets can be very different than those without, as whoever “wins” the featured snippet at position zero can expect outsized clicks and attention. These are potentially valuable keywords. Top Featured Snippets tells you which keywords a site ranks for that triggers a featured snippet, and also whether or not that site owns the snippet.

Top Search Competitors

Knowing who your top search competitors are is important for any serious SEO competitive analysis. Sadly, most people simply guess. You may know who competes for your favorite keyword, but what happens when you rank for hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of keywords? Fortunately, we can comb through our vast database and make these calculations for you. Top Search Competitors shows you the competitors that compete for the same keywords as this domain, ranked by visibility.

Top Questions

“People Also Ask” have become a ubiquitous feature of Google search results, and represent a good starting point for keyword research and topic optimization. Top Questions shows questions mined from People Also Ask boxes for relevant keywords.

A few notes about the new Domain Analysis tool:

1. The tool is 100% free

2. Limited to 3 reports/day

3. Moz Pro users get unlimited reports

4. Experimental metrics are just that. These are not (yet) available in Moz Pro.

5. Metrics are meant to give you a quick overview of any domain.

Also, we’re looking for feedback! What do you think of the new Domain Analysis Tool? Let us know in the comments below.

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