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SEO Gearing Up for the Google Page Experience Desktop Rollout in Feb

The time has come: Google’s Page Experience update is weeks away from arriving on desktop. The update will have all the current ranking signals of the mobile version, minus the mobile-friendliness metric. We briefly touched on the subject in November, when Google dropped the announcement three months ahead of the rollout. And it appears we’re getting the same message we did back then.

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Content MarketingSEO Content Refresh: Why It’s Important for SEO

Here’s an interesting comparison for you: Outdated content is like a hit song that everybody forgot about three weeks after the label release. Yes, even great content can lose visitors within months after publication if it becomes irrelevant, or if another, better piece pops up and gets Google’s attention. Why does that happen? Simple: “Keeping it fresh” is the mantra of Google for

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SEOSocial Media Marketing Facebook Is Scaling Back on Its Audience Targeting Options

Advertisers, take note: Facebook – er, Meta – will officially update its targeting options on Jan. 19. This comes after several months of mounting pressure and promises to scale back advertiser targeting, as many major companies are already doing. Well, the broader trend of granting more respect to users and their data has finally reached Meta, one of the biggest offenders of all. In Meta

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SEO How to Build a Killer Content Marketing Team

In this day and age, content marketing should be a strategic function in any business. From attracting traffic to company websites and generating more quality leads to improving brand reputation, content marketing does it all and more. With an increase in the adoption of visuals, personalization and synergy in campaigns, content marketing continues to change how prospects and customers receive

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SEO How Good Web Design Can Improve SEO Performance

There are over 1.5 billion websites across the internet, and even the most active web user has hardly heard of any of them. Most of them are simply too difficult to find. Luckily, with the right web design, you can help increase your website’s visibility for a long time to come. Let’s talk about how proper web design w

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Content Marketing Content Optimization According to Google’s UX Algorithm

The current market is dedicated to satisfying the needs of the consumers. There’s a constant race among sellers and manufacturers to meet these expectations, forcing businesses of all sizes to create stellar online experiences for their audience. And at the center of this experience is your website. The primary objective of any search engine is to provide an outstanding user experience (UX),

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SEO Is Alt Text a Google Ranking Factor?

Alt text is utilized to assist PCs with understanding pictures. Be that as it may, can alt labels influence your natural pursuit rankings? Peruse on to realize whether there is any association between alt text and further developed Google rankings.

Alt Text is a Ranking Factor

What is alt text? Alt-text is an HTML picture quality. It permits yo

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SEO 4 Key SEO Tips to Boost Your SERP Results

Supporting your SERP results is an exceptionally successful method for getting more guests to your site. This expansion in rush hour gridlock straightforwardly results from the expanded perceivability that accompanies being set higher on SERPs (web search tool results pages). Indeed, there are numerous ways of supporting your query items and increment the quantity of guests to your site, howeve

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Web Design Create a Clickable Prototype Faster and Easier

Planning an interactive model is a fundamental piece of the UI and UX configuration process. It is viewed as a primer intelligent example of the thought before it turns into a total item, filling in as an extension between the plan stage and the eventual outcome.

What is a Clickable Prototype?

At the earliest reference point, I should clarify that neither a wireframe nor a visual mockup

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Social Media Marketing Take Your Facebook Ads from Surviving to Thriving in 2022

The past two years have been a whirlwind for digital marketers – especially those who advertise on Facebook and Instagram. First, COVID-19 disrupted everything in 2020. Then, Apple rolled out iOS 14.5 earlier this year. Now we’re wondering what will happen with cookies across the web. For most of us, the name of the game the past two years has been survival: Read More

SEO Best Tools to Avoid Plagiarism in 2022

Blogging has become common in recent years. The pandemic conditions around the globe have made this field much popular. Many bloggers complain that they are not making progress even after doing hard work in this field. Are you having a hard time while looking for success in blogging? If yes, this is where we are going to show you the most threatening problem for your success. By the end of t

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SEO Google Announces Plans To Adopt IndexNow

When Microsoft Bing and Yandex introduced IndexNow in October, the question on everyone’s minds was, “what’s Google going to do about it?” Finally, this week, we got our answer. After staying quiet about the rollout, the tech giant confirmed to Search Engine Land Read More