Reels, Memes or Influencers: How (Not) To Connect With Your Audience Through Social Media in 2023

Are reels, TikTok videos, the new Twitter tools, or the rise of Mastodon the keys to success for 2023? The answer is no, no, no, and again no. So, what is the social media trend that is going to grow your business?

The conversation about social networks often revolves around the tactics and tools available to make content go viral. That Instagram reels grew by 220 million users between July and October 2022, or the Tik Tok algorithm changed again. But what’s the point of chasing the algorithm if you don’t reach the right community?

We are not just talking about segmentation. In an ecosystem where people search for a product 100 options pop up in the next 5 minutes, full responsibility for your success cannot be attributed to the editing of a reel, which, of course, is also important.

So… what does a brand need to connect with the audience? Show your complete personality.

What does the brand think and feel? Who does it hire? How does it handle diversity internally? What is its triple impact? What causes does it defend and how does it get involved? These are some of the critical differentiators when telling your brand’s story.

3 Things Brands Need to Connect With Their Audience

To develop an effective social media strategy, it is essential that brands dig into their purpose in the world, what they want to change, how they want to be perceived, what is their story.

Know the Medium

Society is becoming increasingly digital but with the goal of connecting with other people, not necessarily with brands. Real strategies that give influencers or real people a voice and an authentic presence are important to join the conversation. Consumers focus on who is talking about the brand, how they do it and why: it is mouth to mouth 2.0.

Consumers don’t like to feel deceived, and advertising content that fakes being organic is short lived. The brand must say: “I want to sell you this, but not just for profit, but because it will have an impact, because it works, because it will add to your personal narrative and identity.”

Achieve persuasion without resorting to rhetoric, but through honest communication, achieve vulnerable conversations, even if they are uncomfortable.

Take Advantage of the Tools Without Losing Identity

Now we can talk about external tools. The video is being used much more than the image, for example, but we should not use it without analyzing if it is faithful to the brand’s identity. If for a company the short video format is congruent with its personality, that is the path to take and it should have been there for a long time. But if instead, the brand has to do with photography, it should continue posting its images. The essence is the most important.

Don’t force the format and identity just to please the audience. If your goal is to gain and retain more customers, and more subscribers, it’s essential be authentic and just follow trends for the sake of being present. We must analyze what part of the narrative is adding value. Not all brands have to be on TikTok or Instagram, but all can be there if they show authenticity, entertainment, or know how to connect with good content.

A Global View

The different communication points must tell the same brand story. Posts on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, email, and other channels must work separately but must have a relationship between them, like pages of a book that allow you to understand what’s happening no matter where you start reading. This global view is crucial to bridge the gap between different platforms and allowing them to enhance each other while maintaining the brand’s identity.

What Indicators Should I Pay Attention To?

By understanding our communication processes, creating a connection with consumers, and with the company’s objectives in mind we can define which indicators to track. Identify the data that will allow for an in-depth evaluation, to be able to detect where there may be a potential problem or opportunity in your campaign.

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