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Email Marketing Best Email Marketing Practices to Generate Leads

Have you implemented email marketing in your digital strategy? If you answered no, now is the time to do so. There are many new and innovative ways to market to your target audience, however, email marketing remains one of the most reliable and effective ways to generate leads. With the right strategy in place, you will be able to convert prospects into payin

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Email Marketing How to Create High Conversion Emails

The epidemic had a huge impact on the way businesses interact with their customers. More and more companies stake on digital marketing, which results in a bunch of new trends and tendencies. For example, email marketing has never been more popu

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Email Marketing How to Create an Email Marketing Calendar in 2022

How many batch and blast marketing emails do you get in a day? More importantly, how often do you mark all of them as “read” without actually reading them? Naturally, you don’t want to be just another brand that clutters your customers’ inboxes. So how then can you cut through the noise and ultimately increase your open and click-through rates? There are two things that determine a s

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Email Marketing Using Segmentation to Optimize Email Campaigns

How many unread marketing emails live in your spam? According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), just 13% of people say over half the emails they receive are useful. Despite this (rather bleak) statistic, email marketing is still an effective channel to nurture leads and increase conversions, generating one of the  Read More

Email Marketing How Does Storytelling Work And Why It Should Be Used In E-Mailing

We tell each other stories all the time: at family dinners, at friendly parties, during office lunches, sharing photos on social media, shooting dozens of stories a day. And this information sits much more firmly in our heads than just the facts. Because when we read stories, our brain uses not only the language part of the brain, which converts words into meanings but also the

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Email Marketing Using Email for Affiliate Marketing Programs: Email Marketing Tips for Cost-per-Action Offers

From opt-in offers to premium-priced subscription products, these tips will help internet marketing specialists and newbies alike market anything CPA-related with email. Cost-per-action (CPA) offers are some of the most popular affiliate marketing programs available. Offering very favorable conversion rates, attractive payouts, and a range of advertising allowances, affiliate m

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Email Marketing How to Overcome Email Marketing Problems?

Email marketing is one of the marketers’ go-to solutions for promoting online businesses. But it is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, many challenges come in the way of strategizing the best email marketing plan. So, let us get straight away and know the significant challenges businesses can face with email marketing and how to overcome these.

Top 5 Email Marketing Chal

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Email Marketing How to Drive More Action Using Email Marketing

59% of marketing emails influence purchase decisions. If that doesn’t highlight the power of email marketing – I don’t know what does! (more…)

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Email Marketing Is Email Marketing Still An Effective Strategy?

Many professionals point to the premeditated death of email marketing due to the growth of social media and their consequent investment by companies. However, those who share the opinion that email marketing is no longer effective, forget when this strategy does not work is because the content of the email does not meet the interests of the recipients. Although it is sometim

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Email Marketing How Do I Get Email Marketing Started for My Business?

Looking to get email marketing started? You’ve come to the right place! Now, more than ever, email marketing is so effective in today’s digital world. According to Hubspot, 99% of consumers check their email every day and it is by far the preferred way to receive updates from bran

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Email Marketing Growing Your Agency Using Newsletter Influencers

As goals are set and growth plans are discussed, many agencies and digital tools get to the point where it is decided one method of grooming future clients might be through newsletters. Surely there are good reasons for it as there are several great examples of excellent digital marketing newsletters to subscribe to. However, what is the strategy? Why do some of these news

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Here at 2XL Media Solutions we’ve had a practice for 14 years of sending out email campaigns with helpful tips and examples of great results people have received from either redesigning websites or executing certain marketing campaigns. We’re currently facing an unprecedented situation that has caused many business owners to wonder whether they should pull back, stop advertising, shut down

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