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Email Marketing How to Drive More Action Using Email Marketing

59% of marketing emails influence purchase decisions. If that doesn’t highlight the power of email marketing – I don’t know what does! (more…)

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Social Media Marketing How to Leverage a Facebook Group for Digital Marketing

More and more young people are searching for meaningful interactions with like-minded people. These intimate spaces for genuine connections have been dubbed “digital campfires.” A great example of a digital campfire is a highly engaged Facebook G

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Digital Marketing 3 Tips for Getting Ahead of Changing Consumer Behavior

The digital space has never been more competitive than it is in 2021, with many choosing eCommerce as their chosen method of shopping. Many brands have continually adapted to new attitudes and behaviors as online presence becomes more critical to success. Consumer behavior is ever-changing, and for any social media agency in London, is it their role to adapt to these new beha

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Digital Marketing How to Create an Integrated Marketing Calendar

Marketing has a unique way of making things overly complicated. So many channels, so many messages, so much data to track, so many target markets to push into, and so many people to keep up to date. Over the years working in agencies, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to many different brands’ processes – seeing how they plan their marketing campaigns. The ones w

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Email Marketing Is Email Marketing Still An Effective Strategy?

Many professionals point to the premeditated death of email marketing due to the growth of social media and their consequent investment by companies. However, those who share the opinion that email marketing is no longer effective, forget when this strategy does not work is because the content of the email does not meet the interests of the recipients. Although it is sometim

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Startup Marketing Early-Stage Startup Marketing Tactics: Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy

Initiating a business and maintaining requires a great deal of effort, and making your presence known is a significant part of this challenge. This is what a startup company always tackles. If you aim to thrive in a marketplace where many startups fail, every step you take should be well-planned and carefully implemented. The most challenging task for early-stage startup com

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Digital Marketing 4 Ways Online Ecommerce Shopping Is Changing

As the world was forced inside in 2020, the way we shop inevitably changed. No longer did we browse online for just token, luxury, hard to obtain items, but for safety, we utilized online shopping for our basic everyday necessities. Now in today’s modern world, for most, E-commerce is more than just a way of life; it currently serves as the basic functionality of everyday liv

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Digital Marketing 4 Critical Tips for Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding is necessary for keeping your business afloat. It allows you to keep your business current and reinvent your image so your brand can resonate with your audience. Brands lose steam over time, so it’s important that you put on a fresh face and offer your audience something new.  However, rebranding your business isn’t easy. Much of the challenge involves modernizi

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SEO Best 11 Bing SEO & PPC Agencies to Get More Clicks in 2021

The best Bing marketing agencies are helping companies get more clicks using SEO and PPC with their experience in the field. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are surely among the most efficient ways to make your targeted audience find your business’ website. If your goal is to get more clicks and increase conversion rates, your bus

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SEO What is a headless CMS and what does it mean for SEO?

You’re bound to have come across the term headless before, probably concerning a headless CMS. A headless CMS doesn’t have a presentation layer attached to it, making it a flexible solution when you want to target many different formats. But what does a headless CMS encompass, and are they even a good idea? Find out in this post!

What is a headless CMS?

A traditiona

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SEO Optimizing internal search in WordPress

WordPress comes with a basic internal search system, but it has lots of room for improvement. If your webpage has more than just a few pages, you should definitely make sure that you’re providing a great internal search experience. Read on to understand why! Read More

Web Design Skills and Tools You Need for Efficient Web Design

Web design and website design require a specific skill set from the designer. You also need to make sure you have the right tools so you can implement the latest web design trends for 2021 and future years. In this article, we’ll briefly touch on the skills and tools required for you to become an in-demand website designer that gets paid handsomely for their projects!

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