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Digital Marketing 9 Predictions for Digital Marketing Strategies 2021

The digital marketing landscape faces frequent changes making it almost impossible to pinpoint what the future holds. However, the paradigm shift that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused in the business world has left many marketers and agencies anticipating and predicting digital marketing strategies 2021 to stay ahead of the curve. So far, 2020 has seen more businesse

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Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

Social media can be a valuable marketing channel for many types of businesses. But unless marketers keep up with the ever-changing social media marketing trends, they may lag, or not realize its full potential. Trends on social media are constantly changing and 2020 has been no different. In fact, you have probably struggled more than usual to get engagement on your posts. There are lots of r

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Email Marketing How To Improve Your Email Open Rates

Email remains the standard for digital communication, as useful for one-on-one conversations with colleagues as it is for sending messages to clients around the world. For marketers, it remains a great way to connect with your audience. But as long as email remains such a popular method of communication, some challenges will also remain. Business users deal with more emails

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Social Media Marketing How to Develop a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Even though LinkedIn was founded in 2003 as a professional networking site, it has gone further than that over time. In today’s business world, LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. This transformation required companies to develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy to gain a competitive edge in their industries. What differentiates LinkedIn f

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Digital Marketing Demand for Agency Services During Covid-19: Onwards to 2021

Despite the dire situation that resulted from Covid-19 on an international scale, a few industries have, surprisingly, seen growth during these trying times. Demand for agency services improved for various industries. Because people are afraid to go out lest they contract the virus, more and more people have decided to get whatever needs they can online. As a result, e-comme

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Social Media Marketing How to Quickly Add Countries to Facebook Ad Sets

When you need to quickly operate with several tiers and regions, you need a detailed strategy for countries on Facebook. This article will talk about ways to add countries to the advertising cabinet and about effective tools for working with shooting ranges that save time.


At the stage of creating an ad-set, the question of choosing countries appears.

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Web Design 5 Tips to Design an Effective Logo for Your eCommerce Site

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in logo designing, and you have the freedom to explore various dynamics when creating a logo for your ecommerce company. Logos have become an essential part of branding in that it creates consistency, triggers the customer’s memory, and develops brands’ trust with consumers.

Ecommerce Logo Design Tactics


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SEO 5 Big Positive Digital Transformation Trends for 2021

There are plenty of reasons to be glad to see the back of 2020, and plenty of reasons to look forward to 2021. In the world of digital marketing, too, the future looks bright. The coronavirus pandemic brought online technology to more people, as we all adjusted to working and socialising and teaching our children from home. And, just as there was the sense that people began to

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SEO How to Use a Website Re-Design to Improve Conversions and Sales

A bad website can reduce lead conversion and sales?  A quick website redesign can sometimes solve more problems than anything else that you can do with your digital marketing strategy. The best website redesigns are true to your brand identity while creating a modern, responsive experience that will draw in prospective clients.

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SEO Does Your Brand Need to Implement Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads are becoming a popular lead generation tool for businesses. Facebook leads are highly targeted high-quality leads. Is your brand using Facebook lead ads as part of your digital marketing strategy?

What Are Faceboo

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SEO How to Do Market Research for a Startup

A startup without effective market research is like a ship traveling offshore without a compass. Therefore, it can lose its direction after a while and can disappear in the middle of nowhere. Market research for a startup enables the business owners to guess what is required to grow their business. Doing market research for a startup provides an opportunity to analyze their pos

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SEO Future of Digital: The Future of PR is Numbers Driven

As time goes on, the value of Digital PR is starting to (finally) be recognised as more than just a link building tactic. In the past, the majority of Digital PR reporting has been focused around the number of links and their average Domain Authority, but hasn’t the quality of links always outweighed the quantity? Why, as marketing professionals, have we allowed this to go on

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