Does Your Brand Need to Implement Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads are becoming a popular lead generation tool for businesses. Facebook leads are highly targeted high-quality leads. Is your brand using Facebook lead ads as part of your digital marketing strategy?

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads are ads that allow you to collect information from your audience on Facebook without them having to leave the platform. This is different than typical lead generation ads where people are taken to a sperate landing page.

Facebook Lead Ad Benefits

Since prospects do not have to leave Facebook, they are more likely to submit their information. It is a faster and less work for the prospect than the typical lead generation process.

The ads are mobile-friendly, so you can appeal to the millions that are on smartphones, iPads, and tablets.

Facebook lead ads can target and segment people that live within a specific zip code, city, or country. So, it is easy to reach exactly who needs your brand’s solutions.

There are many reasons why a business should use lead ads as part of their strategy. Here are several ways that you can utilize the social media platform as part of your marketing.

Grow Your Email Subscribers

Email marketing is a huge part of any digital marketing strategy. Social media platforms and search engines control how people see your content. Email you have full control over who receives them on your list.

Newsletter List

Users can sign up for your newsletter with just a few clicks. Facebook automatically sends your new leads to your CRM. A quality Customer Relationship Management System is the lifeblood of a sales team. It allows businesses to manage relationships with customers and help the business to grow.

Know Your Audience Better

Email addresses are not the only information you can get from lead ads. Lead ads give you the option to create custom questions that allow you to uncover your audience’s preferences.


Businesses can use Facebook lead ads to entice their audience with discounts and offers. Giveaways and contests are another way to use this feature.

Retargeting Ads

After someone enters their information into your lead ad, you can retarget them with relevant ads based on their actions. Retargeting is crucial as you want your brand to be top of mind.

Giveaway Premium Content

The user gets valuable content while giving you their information. A brand can showcase premium content to an audience who needs solutions for their pain points. This can be in the form of a whitepaper, guide, survey, checklists, case studies, and resource kits.

Increase Webinar Registration

Looking for participants and attendees for your business webinar or conference? Attendees can register for the event on a lead ad. If you are looking for speakers or sponsors you can set the parameters to target them. By adding a custom question, you can ask what type of attendee they will be, and it will help you segment your lists and follow-up emails have never been easier.

An All Encompassing Digital Marketing Strategy

Lead ads are successful no matter if you sell services or products and for a variety of industries. Lead ads don’t just improve your leads, they get high-quality leads. This is why many of your clients have this incorporated into their digital marketing strategy.

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