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Digital Marketing Digital Trends Shaking up The Marketing Scene in 2022

In a year that’s shaping up to be just as eventful as the last two (oh, calamity!), it’s no surprise that the digital marketing landscape is changing just as rapidly as ever. With the tech giants constantly improving their offerings and switching up their strategies, there are many changes afoot in the world of digital. Today,  Read More

SEO Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Old Blog Posts and How To Use Them To Improve Your SERP

Your old blog posts are important assets because SEO is a long-term effort. On top of that, blogging still works. In fact, 84% of organizations have an ongoing content marketing strategy, and they generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t.

How To Use Old Blog Posts To Improve Your SERP Rankings?

Your old content already ranks in search. Instead of starting from scratc

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SEO Organic SEO: Myth or Massive Opportunity To Grow Your Online Presence

SEO myths keep evolving, leaving marketers wondering if it’s worth investing in organic growth. It also doesn’t help that novice marketers find it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of an SEO strategy on their search engine ranking. While there is no denying the effectiveness of organic SEO, the fact remains that Google keeps changing the way it ranks websites in SERPs. But no matter t

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SEO How is Big Data Impacting Search Engine Optimization?

Customers’ preferences today are more dynamic than ever. Don’t you think? Well in a way, it is bound to happen given the ample choices that they are surrounded with. However, keeping up with their ever-changing choices could be a bit of a challenge for businesses which is where big data and SEO come into the picture. Read More

Digital Marketing 5 Reasons Why Blogs Are Still a Great Content Source

There are many misconceptions when it comes to blogging. Some people think that it’s a dead form of marketing or that it can’t help your business grow, while others give up after one or two posts fail to go viral. The fact is, blogging is still a very common type of content marketing, second only to video content. Many brands you know and love use blogging in their everyday

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Social Media Marketing Brands Need to Be on Social Media in 2022 : Here Is Why

In this new digital age, more and more consumers are turning to e-commerce and other digital platforms for discovery, education, and networking opportunities. To remain relevant and accommodating to this typical consumer, it’s important for businesses to stay up to date with their strategic approaches. This includes prioritizing social media as a primary tool in business proc

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Digital Marketing What is Big Data in Digital Marketing?

Relying on predictions and ‘gut feeling’ to take business decisions is now a thing of the past. With AI in place, businesses are moving towards more of a data-driven approach. This is where big data in digital marketing comes into the picture.  Undoubtedly, we agree with the fact that “Data is king”. However, the bigger challenge is to analyze this much amount of data

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Web Design The Ultimate Guide to Web Accessibility in 2022

It’s easy to be daunted by the ever-increasing need to have an ‘accessible’ website. What does that mean? Will you need to overhaul your website? While we always want websites to be as accessible as possible, it’s fine to take smaller steps, rather than making no moves towards accessibility at all (or trying to do it all at once and not doing it properly!) Accessible

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