5 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Brand’s Google Search Visibility

You can’t underestimate the power of Twitter as a platform for your business when it comes to marketing. Not only does it help you connect directly with your customers, but it also empowers you to forge long-lasting relationships with your audience while consistently promoting your brand and building awareness around it.

Today I’m delving into 5 effective ways of optimising your brand’s exposure on Twitter—and enhancing its Google Search visibility in the process.

1) Make the Most of Twitter Carousels

There are lots of ways you can leverage Twitter carousels to promote your relevant and relatable content:

  • Deliver the content your audience actually cares about: Is the content you’re sharing going to resonate with your audience’s needs, interests and lifestyles? Does it relate to their everyday pain points and responsibilities, both personal and professional? And of course, what would your audience like to learn about? What would they like to see more of—and can your brand step in and provide it?
  • Chime in on trending topics: Twitter provides you with a golden opportunity to retain your current audience while grabbing the attention of prospects far and wide. One way to do that is to tweet in a way that shows that your brand has its finger on the pulse of the culture. What are people in your industry talking about right now?
  • Use popular hashtags: By incorporating highly relevant hashtags into your tweets, you improve your odds of ranking more highly in Google’s search results.
  • Mention other accounts—and encourage them to mention you: Interacting with relevant accounts in the Twittersphere and tagging them in your tweets increases your brand’s search presence. Which publications, influencers and thought leaders in your space could you aim to get in front of, and even to tag you back? These interactions can prove vital to bringing your content to the attention of new audiences, and have the added benefit of enhancing your authenticity by demonstrating your association with already-trusted brands and figures.
  • Exemplify your brand message: Every tweet coming from your brand should in some way reflect who you are and what you do. Include targeted keywords and a clear CTA to further clarify what you’re saying and why your audience should care.

2) Optimise Your Bio

It’s crucial to make the most of the limited space Twitter provides for your bio, because for many visitors to your profile this will be where they get their first impression of your brand. What’s more, your Twitter profile often appears on the first page of Google’s search results, so you need to ensure your bio describes your brand as accurately as possible while conveying the personality that differentiates you from the competition. Then you can grab scrollers’ attention further by incorporating emojis, keywords and hashtags.

3) Build Your Following (and Keep Active)

Staying active on Twitter can prove essential to keep your audience engaged—but your tweets must still be as relevant and valuable as possible. Each must have a purpose: you don’t want to be perceived as filling the void with noise simply to get noticed. And this isn’t a trivial matter: social media legitimacy does potentially affect your Google ranking. So by slowly and surely building a loyal following and establishing an ever-broadening audience, you boost the chance of a random user recognising your brand, trusting your content, and clicking through to find out more. And you know what directly impacts Google rankings? Clickthrough rates!

What shows up when you Google your brand? Most of the time you’ll see Google’s Twitter carousel, a seriously useful place where browsing users can happen upon some of your recent tweets. But there’s more: in the carousel you also have direct control over what appears in the results around your brand name. How often do you get to exercise that kind of power when it comes to the search engine results page? Not very! And as if that weren’t enough, Google’s Twitter carousel doesn’t just give you the chance to get a positive message in front of potential customers, but also empowers you to strengthen your position as a thought leader, humanise your brand in a way that audiences are crying out for, and connect with people both fast and authentically.

5) Promote Your Content

It’s vital to create a Twitter strategy that will see your brand distribute content over the long term. But this requires more than simply sharing a blog here or there every week or so. Rather, to enhance your visibility both on Twitter and on Google’s search engine results page you need to promote evergreen or brand-specific content over the course of months, even years. Furthermore, getting shares on Twitter helps your brand by widening its reach, which in turns means more users have the chance to stumble across your content—and then feel inclined to tweet about and link to it themselves. These links directly impact your Google rankings, meaning your brand will become increasingly likely to show up in the search results surrounding highly relevant users.

The Ways to Boost Your Brand via Twitter are Endless

There are so many tactics you can adopt in your social marketing to grow your audience on Twitter while establishing your brand as a leading voice in your field. And at my own performance marketing and web design agency, 2XL, we’ve witnessed something even more exciting: a solid Twitter strategy often enhances your Google Search visibility as well, which can boost your followers’ engagement rate, turbocharge your SEO ranking, and help you find new and incredibly relevant audiences!

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