Business Continuity

Here at 2XL Media Solutions we’ve had a practice for 14 years of sending out email campaigns with helpful tips and examples of great results people have received from either redesigning websites or executing certain marketing campaigns.

We’re currently facing an unprecedented situation that has caused many business owners to wonder whether they should pull back, stop advertising, shut down completely or whether or not to try and keep operating as usual. I wanted to take a minute and relate some advice from someone who deals with hundreds of companies on a regular basis and thousands of companies over the years.

While I can’t speak to your specific business and every situation is unique, the one thing I can tell you is that the wrong thing to do about this situation is completely shutting down and withdrawing all communication.

Almost every business owner or executive I know works very hard because they believe in what they are doing and they believe it will make a positive impact in someone’s life. Whether you have a B2B or B2C business, your customers count on you to be there and provide your service or product. Your activity in your business actually helps people, not to mention the positive impact on you and your family when you run it correctly.

The businesses I have seen completely shut down often have a very difficult road to reopen once a crisis has passed. The ones who can figure out how to keep operating or at least keep communicating to the public, have a much easier time getting up and running when business returns to normal.

Even if you are currently unable to service clients or take on new business, If you can figure out how to keep communicating to those prospects and customers that your business still exists, you can generate confidence that you will still exist when this crisis is over. This obviously helps you and your business, but it also helps provide stability to your clients and helps to create a much calmer state of mind across the country, which will help us all get through this situation easier.

This is just some advice you can listen to or ignore as you see fit. But I really hope that if you’re reading this, that you can take a look at ways you can keep providing some service, or at least keep communicating through email, social media, phone calls, etc. Let your customers know you are still there and you’ll still be there when this crisis is over.

This is not a sales pitch and I’m not asking you to buy anything, but if you need help, our new media executives are available to talk through your options, including things you can do on your own that cost nothing take a look at a few tips on our blog

We’ll be sending more helpful tips and case studies of successful businesses as we roll forward into the future. We’re here for you.

Stay safe and keep communicating.

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