Content Marketing Methods for Beginners

The world of marketing now has a new player, rising up the ranks and taking the market by storm – engaging content marketing. Traditional marketing techniques are being phased out. With the increased use of technology, traditional marketing is far less effective than it used to be a decade ago. To adapt to the current trends, many are shifting to the use of content marketing for helping sell their products and services.

Now, someone may ask – ‘Why is Content Marketing good?’, or ‘What can I gain from Content Marketing?’. The answer lies within the way markets are functioning in the present world. The method has proven its worth, by delivering a high success rate to all those who have made use of it so far.

It is an effective way to grow a brand and also engages audiences of all age groups. Audience engagement happens to be the top know-how when it comes to good Content Marketing. Developing brand presence among your customer bases is crucial to driving sales and growth.

But this still leaves one specific question out in the open – ‘Why is Content Marketing important?’. Content Marketing is one such unique method wherein all questions that your audience may have are answered through an innovative method, while also engaging them in a trust-driven relationship. The method helps brands and/or companies develop trust and generates huge leads. Customers in today’s market want the best for themselves. They expect products and services of high quality. Everyone loves consistency. Working on effective Content Marketing techniques can therefore help generate profitable leads. It can help retain a large customer base due to the clarity involved in the process.

An important factor to keep in mind, to enhance Content Marketing, is consistency. It determines the level of success you will have when making use of this marketing technique. The large players who make use of Content Marketing depict their brands at a high level at every point of possibility. Content that is used in a consistent manner, must advisably not be that which is repeated or regularly used often. It must be checked with a plagiarism tool and must be clearly identifiable across the various channels that are made use of. When consistency is paired with uniqueness, it establishes a certain trust between the entity that is marketing and the receiver on the other end. It strengthens reputation and enables future growth.

While the above may have provided an overview of how Content Marketing can be beneficial, here are some specifics as to why you may consider this method:

  • Audience Retention

Your audience must be treated with royalty, for it is they who provide a usable base for your brand and content. Making use of social media, and leveraging techniques such as mailing lists can go a long way in retaining customers. Constantly engaging your customers with your content will also help them remember you, and will continue to be part of your audience for time to come. Further, you can also look to spread content through various marketing techniques, steps of which are listed below.

  • Increased Customer Loyalty

Customers are royal when provided with something unique to look out for. When your content is unique and easily identifiable among various means and sources, customers tend to reach out and stay loyal. An increased customer loyalty base can help your initiatives grow in future situations as well.

  • Brand Awareness

Brand awareness increases the rate of searches that you get for your brand. Marketing content in a manner wherein you can successfully spread work about your brand can highly benefit you in the long – run. Brand recognition is crucial as it highly influences the choices and decisions the end – user makes. It promotes multiple visits to your brand on an online portal, increases purchases, the share in markets and / or industries, and generates a higher success rate.

  • Credibility and Quality

Ensuring that your content is unique and identifiable can help in credibility to grow. Making sure that the content that you market is one-of-a-kind is absolutely essential. This is what drives your image among your audience, and will also help retain customers over time.

  • Increased Success and Profitability

Success and profitability go hand – in – hand. When working on effective means to market content, marketers must look to keep in mind these two ideas. Success comes with consistent effort, and content marketing in this day and age can get you that easily. Profitability follows consistency, and a step – by – step process of content marketing can get you there. Make sure to go through some helpful steps that are listed below.

  • Dominance in the Market / Industry

Following all steps mentioned above, and keeping in mind some strategies listed below, you can stand a chance to dominate markets through effective content marketing. Content marketing requires consistent effort. It needs to grow continuously for you to see successful results. Dominance arrives at a slow – pace but lasts for a long time.

Here are some methods to keep in mind while working on Content Marketing.

  • Prepare and manage planning calendars

Firstly, work on creating and building a communication calendar. It is essentially a chart that helps you keep a close eye on customer communication. It helps you schedule and disseminate messages to a specific target audience. They outline specific plans that are to be completed on a day-to-day basis and target a specific communication campaign. The information gained from this calendar can help you launch promotional initiatives that even customers may not see coming.

While planning calendars provide an overview of all that there is to be done, there is also a specific method that can be made use of in the short run. Planning out work that needs to be put in is essential for the result to be successful. Content marketers can work on this better if they make use of Gantt charts.

A Gantt chart is a statistical graph of lines that show work done in certain periods of time, in relation to the amount of work planned to be completed. It acts as a motivational tool as well. It helps the content marketer in analyzing where they may be lacking in completing work for a particular period of time.

One of the best online Gantt chart generators is Ganttpro which functions in an efficient and customer-friendly manner. Content marketers can best make use of their time and skills by using Gantt charts generated. These services comprise the A-Z’s of all that is needed to generate a chart and has been used by 800,000+ project managers in the past. The functionality of the charts is absolutely resourceful and will save a huge amount of time.

Secondly, work on a marketing calendar. This is a roadmap for all your Content Marketing activities and provides an analysis of all your strategies. It visualizes the planning that goes into each of your content marketing strategies and considers time as an important factor. This way, you can work on your strategies while also keeping the essence of time in mind.

Thirdly, create a content calendar. This type of calendar is also known as an editorial calendar and helps you note down a schedule of where you want to publish your content, and when. These calendars include certain core elements such as status updates, promotional initiatives that are in the planning stage and certain important updates to the content that already exists.

  • Creating crisp and unique content

Every week, keep some time on hand to generate new content. Make a schedule, and stick to it closely. Making a schedule to help you in your journey to create unique and identifiable content can go a long way and can also aid in increasing your audience loyalty over time.

A schedule can better be made by using Gantt Planners. The highly interactive planner can help content marketers plan and control many projects at once. Using these charts while also making use of planning calendars can help content marketers go a long way. The charts available on this website can help you efficiently organize and schedule tasks, due dates, and various other dependencies.  It can help you organize your thoughts in a written format and can also help organize resources in a wise manner.

When you sit down to think about the content that you want to use, make sure that you think about multiple topics across various themes. Brainstorming is essential. Do not limit your topics to 1 or 2. Instead, think of 15 – 20 topics at a time. This would help you to write and work on different topics at various instances, without having to spend time on brainstorming for more topics. Time is valuable – you must make use of it all.

While working on topics, ensure that you also consider a technique known as ‘repurposing’. Repurposing your content means organizing and presenting your content in forms that have not been made use of so far. If you have made use of charts or graphs, repurpose them and present them as videos. If you have made use of videos, repurpose them into words and verbal content. Showcase all your findings in various methods that can help in greater audience engagement. This way, all that you brainstorm about can be applied in ways that will last for a longer time.

  • Make use of analytics

Analytics can help you understand what your audience’s interests are, and what most of them are looking for. Analytics provides data in user groups that you can then use to better suit your content and the way you present it.

The stream of data that you obtain through user analytics can guide your Content Marketing. There are various kinds of data that you can make use of via analytics – some of the essential ones being Behavioral and Descriptive. These two types often help in understanding and categorizing data in a manner that accommodates quality and quantity.

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