Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Looking to do more with less on social media? You’re not alone.
Try one of these free tools that thousands of marketers and agencies use to
improve their social media marketing results.

AdsReport Ad Reporting

Analyze the performance of your Facebook ad accounts as well as your individual ad campaigns.

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Easy Employee Advocacy

Streamline your employee advocacy efforts, amplify your company news, give more reach to your content, and measure the impact of your campaigns.

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Facebook Page Barometer

A perfect way to get a quick snapshot of how well fans are interacting with your Facebook page.

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Twitter Report Card

With just a few clicks, discover how your Twitter efforts compare to your closest competitors.

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1. AdsReport

Analyze your Facebook ad account and campaigns.

Key metrics. Follow key metrics of your campaign performance.

Real-time insights. Instantly discover how to optimize your ad campaigns.


2. Easy Employee Advocacy

Rapidly launch employee advocacy efforts.

Seamless sharing. Make it easy to share your content from one location to multiple platforms in just a few clicks.

Instant results. Immediately see which campaigns (and people) are getting the most clicks and visitors. A visible leaderboard encourages employees to engage.


3. Facebook Barometer

Take the pulse of your fan page.

Easy measurement. Get a clear sense of your reach and engagement without sifting through clumsy spreadsheets.

Quick benchmarking. Uncover how well your page compares to others.


4. Twitter Report Card

Compare your tweets to your competition.

Easy comparison. See how you stack up to your competitors or influencers in your field.

Super insights. Instantly discover what areas you should strengthen in your Twitter market


5. Timeline Contest

Manage your contests like never before.

Simple organization. Easily filter through all your timeline entries to select a winner.

Ample variety. Choose among three templates: sweepstakes, quiz, or photo contest.

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