How Can You Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy?

In modern marketing, content is the heart of everything – whether you’re considering the optimization of your website or building promotional strategies for PPC ad campaigns, content is what’s going to get you there. 

Blogs, articles, PR campaigns, social media captions, website content, guest posts, emails and much more – these are all different forms of content marketing. Today, if your company fails to comply with a content marketing strategy, you will ultimately end up failing to get a successful digital marketing plan for your business.

To help you through the process of scaling your content marketing strategy, we’ve written this article to act as a step-by-step guide for your brand:

Always begin with a content marketing plan

We cannot emphasise how important it can be to have a plan in mind concerning your digital marketing campaigns. Without a plan in place, there can be confusion and the writers working on your projects can suffer from creativity burnouts as well as unmet deadlines.

Depending on the kind of content plans your company needs, you can begin with a 1-month content calendar, a 3-month content calendar, a 6-month content calendar or a 12-month content calendar. While setting up your calendar, you need to make sure you keep the following points in mind:

i) All of your content’s production should comply with the goals of your business and its goals

ii) The content calendar should have adequate rest spaces in between them to meet with urgent deadlines and

iii) Build your content calendar with a mapping that’s predictive of events, holidays and season changes. This will help you be prepared for content well in advance, helping you avoid any forms of setbacks due to writer’s blocks or more.

Do you have the content team you need?

After you’re done building your content calendar, you need to look over the members of your content team to ensure that your workforce is strong enough to complete your goals.

For a business that’s working with a content marketing plan, the setup of a content calendar is of no use if you are unable to match it up with your team.

If you have only two writers on your team, you will end up struggling with your deadlines. However, if you acknowledge the expertise of different writers on your team (or hire more, when needed), you will be able to assign different tasks to each team member.

For example, one could focus on social media captions, the other could work on technical blogs and the rest could work on different forms of marketing content.

Allowing each writer to flourish in their comfort zone will allow smooth content curation with little to no problems in the long run.

Improve your content with a proofreader

Many businesses ignore the importance of having a proofreader and editor on board. Surely, the writers are checking their work before submission, right?

To be honest, not always. Moreover, most of your writers will end up skipping through the mistakes of their content while going through it, simply because they’re the ones that wrote it. Having a proofreader and editor on board allows you to gain the benefit of having a third person’s point of view on the content.

By getting a fresh perspective, the writer can know what’s lacking in their content and what looks good. It also helps in looking over grammatical errors, linguistics and the tone of the content.

If the content is pushed straight from the writer to the client, it’s highly probable that the content will be sent back for multiple recorrections. Avoid the delay, hire a proofreader and editor to manage your team.

Go for SMEs, not usual content marketers

SMEs, or Subject Matter Experts, are individuals that hold expertise in a particular subject or topic and work on matters related to the same. What sets a writer apart from the other is their range of expertise in a particular area – after all, what is the jack of all trades in the eyes of the king?

Content marketers work on quite a few subjects depending on the company they work in. For example, a content writer of a digital marketing firm will be working with many different clients and subjects.

Even though the writer is capable of performing research through online articles, SMEs are capable of providing the insight that no other writer could – experience.

Well-written does not equal informational. Also you can get help from the content marketing agencies. For example, if you are a company in London, look for the best content marketing agencies in London

Content’s success is marked by its promotion methods

Many businesses forget to promote the content they post. If you’ve written a well-researched, informative article, you must promote it too.

While backlinking is a part of the process for content creation, social media marketing comes next. If you’ve mentioned external sources or marketers in your content, you can build your content’s promotion by tagging them on social media platforms.

For example, if you’ve taken up a strategy of a HubSpot marketer as an example in your text, you can tag them on your blog post on Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to gain the benefit of possible discovery. If your content is well-researched and well-written, they will interact with your post and maybe even share it!

Don’t let your content fade away after a simple publish. Promote it, optimize it and get it to the top of Google SERPs. You can get help from the best content marketing tools for it too.

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