How To Build An SEO-Friendly Rebranding Strategy For Your Digital Marketing Agency In 2020?

Branding is firmly based on the type of strategy used by the company. The key is to promote brand awareness, build an unparalleled reputation, and stay relevant. However, there are instances when even marketing agencies need to rebrand themselves to remain at the top of their game.

With the market becoming essentially digital, agencies need to leverage their strategies with SEO and figure out an SEO strategy that best embodies their uniqueness and special characteristics. This allows the digital marketing agencies to rebrand themselves at a quicker pace while also keeping up with the current marketing arena.

So, here are some points that can help in the formulation of the best rebranding strategies:

1. Knowing the audience

Rebranding is always a huge hurdle for any brand. But when it comes to agencies rebranding themselves, the story takes a whole new meaning. Every agency has a well-established line of clients along with a set of strengths and weaknesses.

While rebranding themselves, agencies need to efface the current weakness and formulate a strategy that best highlights their strengths. They also need to add new strengths keeping themselves at a comfort level with the existing clients.

An important step in rebranding is to gauge the potential market, and the type of response garnered amongst the masses. This is what people of EduBirdie have already done. Seeing that the engagement rates aren’t improving, they’ve decided to do something about it.

The insight developed through research, allowed them to renovate the EduBirdie website and rebuild the brand awareness by keeping the audience at the focal point.

2. Analyzing the competition

It is best to remember that any agency that is planning to rebrand itself is definitely doing so to stay ahead of the competition. Any good agency is perfectly equipped with the essential tools and ideas to formulate an effective digital marketing strategy for its clients.

But rebranding would mean that the agency is moving ahead into the future and acquiring new skills like storytelling, focus on ROI, impeccable pitching, etc. to help the current clients while at the same time attract an even bigger clientele.

Agencies should also be aware of what their competitors are offering, especially when rebranding and reestablish themselves with a firmer hold and focus.

3. Know your strengths

Every agency has a clientele that also offers great insights. The loyalty of the clients is directly proportional to the strengths of the agency. Hence, while building brand awareness and rebranding, agencies should play up their strengths to facilitate their reputation.

For instance, for London based agency, MediaVision, it was imperative to affirm their existing clients that their main focus will still lay on SEO while rebranding.

4. Define a timeframe

An agency has a multitude of loyal clients; nevertheless, rebranding is always a good option in terms of progress as well as growth. But it is mandatory to ensure that rebranding is done while keeping the best interests of the current clients in focus as well.

Hence, while creating a rebranding strategy, agencies should employ a timeframe to allow their existing clients to gauge your new offers in terms of their own benefits. Moreover, they should have proper expertise before launching a new service. Also, if needed, they should undertake a gradual approach towards rebranding.

5. Relevance

Rebranding is a major process and is essentially a makeover for any company. Therefore, it is imperative to keep everything absolutely relevant without going overboard.

Many companies and agencies go for a complete change. Hence, every aspect, including the logo as well as the website content, should be resonant to the new changes and services to fortify the image of the agency. MediaVision was working incessantly to reinvent a logo that would imbibe all of their new skills.

6. Use of statistics

With the availability of all the insights and statistics at hand, it is imperative to incorporate each one of them in an effective way to build up the most proactive digital marketing strategy when agencies plan to rebrand.

The agencies might want to offer new skillset in the market. However, it is imperative to first get a glimpse of the feasibility of employing such skills in the market that they commonly engage in, the response of the clients and the ease of applicability with the products and services that they normally market.

Using an approach based on statistics and analytics, agencies can formulate strategies that engage with the customers. At the end of the day, this is always the biggest concern.

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