How to Use Localization for Increased Customer Retention

If you have decided to take your business to the next level and go global, then this article is certainly for you.

Down below, we will tell you more about what localization is and how you can increase the retention of your international customers with it. Let’s get started!

Localization is the process of adapting a product (services) as well as all content and marketing activities for a spec location abroad, taking into account all linguistic peculiarities and cultural differences.

Pretty often, it’s confused with the translation. However, localization is a much more complex notion that requires extra attention if you want to make your entrance to the international market successful.

Now, let’s find out the main benefits of localizing your business before going global:

Competitive advantage on the market
Customer loyalty
More sales and bigger revenue

How to Boost Clients’ Retention with Localization

Here are the main ways that can help you retain clients more effectively with the help of localization.

Get Professional Help

The best advice to make the process of localizing your business successful and retain foreign clients will be to get help from localization services. There are plenty of them available today, so give it a try.

They have specialists on board who know everything about the localization process. They will not just translate the content but adapt it to the foreign culture of your target audience.

In addition, they will also adjust all visual elements, help you tailor the business website, and even application to make the user experience impeccable and make international clients stick to your company.

Professionals will help you convey the right message and avoid any potential linguistic ambiguities.

Create Content in Their Native Language

Remember that clients are more likely to purchase from a website in their native language, so making your message clear is crucial for generating bigger sales.

Respectively, localization is something that can help you stand out among other competitors, draw potential customer attention, and make them follow your company or brand.

Providing them with the content written in their native language will show foreign audiences that they are valued by your team. Thus, they will trust you more.

Another important thing is to offer quality content as you do for your local audience. You have to think of the main content strategy in advance and make sure you share only the interesting and relevant information.

Provide Them with International Customer Support

The next important thing to do to boost client retention will be to hire a support team that will be fluent in several languages. Make sure you have specialists who can speak the language of the country you want to promote your products or services in.

It can be an in-house team of multilingual customer support representatives, or another great option will be to hire an outsource team.

Keep in mind that the last variant is the most convenient choice, especially if your budget is tight. Your clients have to reach a customer support team at any time and get the answer needed in their native language.

Get Feedback From Foreign Clients Regularly

If you want to retain your customers more effectively and keep growing your business, it’s important to collect their feedback regularly. First of all, it gives them a sense of importance, and they will appreciate that you are interested in getting their honest opinion.

Second of all, you can use the data collected to improve your services, product range and make proper adjustments that your specific foreign audience needs the most.

Getting an honest opinion from your international audience is an amazing way to detect your weaknesses and address any inconveniences to improve clients’ experience.

With feedback, you will be able to become better and will attract more new clients with greater offers.

Come Up with Localized Loyalty Program

You will be able to increase customer retention once you implement a localized loyalty program for your international clients. Make sure it’s appropriate for their culture. Let them get rewarded after a purchase.

Offer them discounts, free trials, 1+1 options, or anything that will make them buy from you and feel that you offer them more than get from customers.

Do your research, embrace their cultural diversity, and come up with a program that will be interesting and resonate with an international audience.

Create Localized Social Media Accounts

It’s important to provide clients with separate social media accounts that are designated specifically for their country.

It is the perfect way you can demonstrate that your international clients are valuable. Also, it will be much easier to share the relevant information tailored for a certain international audience.

The same goes for the overall marketing strategy. It has to be localized, written in their native language. Make sure to come up with a different strategy following cultural peculiarities. By using the best social media tools you can achieve better results in less time.

Collaborate with Local Influencers

Another great way to attract more clients and retain them is to collaborate with local influencers. People tend to trust recommendations, and you will be able to draw a bigger number of potential clients who are more likely to purchase from you.

Let it be a social media post, a press release, or anything that might be relevant to your business. This tactic might be even more effective than any powerful marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

Localization is one of the most important processes when going global with your business. The benefits of localization are multiple. It will help you draw attention to your company, get clients’ loyalty, and generate bigger sales and revenue.

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