How to Use Pinterest for Social Media Marketing in 2022

Staying ahead of the curve with social media tactics in 2022 can mean the difference between a sales and no sale, a follow and no follow, alike, and… well, you get the picture.

If you’re using Pinterest to market your business, you may already know that regular posting, scheduling content in advance, strategic following, and plenty of engagement will work wonders, alongside adding valuable content to every Pin.

 Why Use Pinterest?

By design, Pinterest doesn’t encourage users to stay on the app quite like other social media networks. Pinterest has some incredible statistics that really target businesses. In 2022, this Hootsuite report finds that:

72% Of users feel more ready to make a purchase, after visiting the social network

 85% Of users say that they use Pinterest to plan new Projects

What’s New on The Social Media Platform in 2022?

In March 2022, Pinterest held its annual Pinterest Presents marketing event. This global occasion presented the marketing industry with a raft of new information and options to monetize via the social media network.

So, how can brands utilize these changes to increase visibility and boost transactions? Well, have a look at these updates below.

  • Your Shop
  • In-App Purchases For Shopify
  • Shopping API
  • Trends
  • Idea Pins Advertising
  • Your Shop

Pinterest says,

[Your Shop] is a place for people on Pinterest to browse, shop and buy – and it’s completely tailored to every single person’s individual tastes. That’s right. People on Pinterest will see a customized shopping surface, with brands and products based on their own activity and preferences.

This provides a great opportunity for e-commerce businesses to diversify their shop fronts and raise their visibility. It may present owners with the scope to achieve a competitive advantage, as this new offering from Pinterest will require technology-savvy teams to implement these changes.

That’s why we always recommend hiring a digital agency to assist with these transitional tasks.

Update 1: In-App Purchases For Shopify

In a change from Pinterest’s current business model, in-app purchases offer a chance to streamline the buying process and could lead to more impulsive shopping behavior without the disruption of opening new tabs and windows.

So, if you run your e-commerce organization via Shopify, this change should come easily. It may seem like a small idea, but taking advantage of this could significantly decrease purchasing times and ensure quicker sales.

And we will always advocate advances that help with CRO.

Update 2: Shopping API

With the new shopping API, simple catalog connections are easier to achieve than ever before, which is key to maximizing in-app commerce.

Much like the other points that we have touched upon within this post, creating shoppable Pins meets the consumer where they browse, increasing the chances of quick sales.

Pinterest has been working to improve on this area for some time, as they have been distinctly lacking behind its other social media counterparts.

We hope that these new APIs will come swiftly to all territories, however, slow rollouts may be experienced.

Update 3: Pinterest Trends

Pinterest says,

Businesses in the US, Canada, and the UK will see new features added to the Pinterest trends tool, including real-time search data, more trend types, more granular audience tools, and personalized trend recommendations for your business. And later this year, we’ll launch the tool to additional countries all over the world.

While these all sound like essential features for any business wanting to advertise and sell via Pinterest, the social network has been sluggish to put these into practice.

And that outside of the US, Canada, and the UK may be waiting a little while longer.

Update 4: Idea Pins Advertising

Pinterest says,

Already, creators can tag your products in their Idea Pins, and disclose a paid partnership. Starting later this year, you’ll be able to promote those Pins as Idea ads to celebrate the partnership with a wider audience.

Again, this is a great tool to reach new target demographics and increase brand awareness. Businesses need to ensure that they really understand their target consumers, get into their mindset of them and pinpoint how their products and services match their ideas.

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