Improve Your Video for YouTube with Enhancements

It’s never been easier to make compelling social video content. With YouTube Enhancements, its new- and free- video editor integrated into the platform, you have a wealth of video processing options open before you even click upload. Here’s what you should know about using Enhancements to create better digital marketing videos.

The Value of Quality Video

Of course, before we delve into post-processing too deeply, let’s take a moment to revisit why quality source material matters. While video editors can be the thing that makes a good video and makes it great, it’s always better to start with the highest possible quality in the first place.

This means planning your social videos carefully. Don’t simply leap out there and shoot whatever with a camera phone. Always bear in mind the primary purpose of your video enhancing your brand. Whether it’s building on the reputation you already have, showcasing a hot new product, or enticing customers to trust you, focus on creating quality videos from the start.

Don’t forget important aspects of the overall process, including a storyboard that clearly lays out the video’s goals. Try for the best quality footage you can record, even if you’re using mobile to do it. Pay attention to issues with the camera frame, and plan your lighting well. While indoor shots benefit from clean, steady light conditions, there’s a lot to be said for bright, natural lighting too. Select what suits the video the best. Watch out for shadows and other intrusions into the frame that distracts from your core point. Keep dialog clean, clear, and focused, and let your brand personality shine through.

Don’t forget to consider other aspects of the overall video, too. Do you have a standard video intro you use? How well will it mesh with this video? Is quality and frame size consistent? What colors, fonts, and branding do you use to ensure cohesion across all your video content? Do you know how to make a YouTube banner that pops and will attract attention? Nail down the fine details before you start shooting, and the end product will reward your efforts.

Using YouTube Enhancements

While YouTube Enhancements is a valuable tool to have in your bag, do bear in mind it’s not quite the same level of sophistication as a professional video editor. However, they’re supremely useful (and cool too) and require very little technical know-how from the user. There’s no excuse for shoddy videos again.

You’ll find it under the Video Manager on your YouTube channel, through the edit menu. Currently, it offers three key categories.

  • Quick Fixes: Here you will find tools to help with issues around saturation and contrast. You’ll also find their trim and rotate options. It’s unsophisticated but easy to use and practical for those who need to get clips posted quickly. They also offer some stabilization, slow motion, and timelapse effects. You can also trim and add music to your videos.
  • Filters: The new filters bring YouTube into alignment with Instagram, and you’ll recognize many of the names, too. There’s also scope for simpler lighting and color adjustments here.
  • Blurring Effects: Blurring effects allow you to add a layer of privacy and focus to your videos. Use them to blur out car plates, or hide the faces of people you don’t have a full model release for. There are some tongue-in-cheek fun filters here, too.

Once you’re happy with your enhanced video, you can use the preview to double-check it. You can save the video as a new one, or revert to the original core footage. There is even some functionality to retroactively edit previously uploaded videos, too. There have been a few issues applying retroactive video edits to videos with over 100,000 views, though, so be aware of that. Content Match videos can also not be edited.  It’s always better to plan and perfect your video for its first upload, anyway. What is the point of closing the barn door after all the horses have seen your footage? YouTube Enhancements are available on PC, Android, and iOS currently.

Why Social Video Matters for Digital Marketing

Video is currently the hottest content type for social media marketing. Nearly 1 Billion hours of videos are consumed through YouTube alone daily. The only question that matters is whether your video is among them.

Video is a powerful storytelling tool. Humans are visually orientated as it is. We’ve all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Video moves far beyond the still image and gives you an incredible way to impart a lot of information without becoming overwhelming, as well as to humanize your brand and resonate with your clients. 81% of businesses now use video as part of their marketing strategy, and 90% of consumers claim video has helped them make a purchasing decision.

In the 2020s, the question isn’t why you should have video as a cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts. Instead, it’s why don’t you already? Video is the future of content marketing. With YouTube enhancements making it easier than ever to upload high-quality, compelling video content, it’s time to let your brand stand out from the crowd.

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