Tips on SEO for Landscapers

Imagine that a customer wants to renovate their whole garden. They want to enjoy al fresco dining in the summer and still have an attractive green space during the winter.

But, they are not able to do this project themselves. Who do they have to hire? Of course, this is a job for a landscaper.

But, the big question is; where does a customer go to find a landscaping business?

Nowadays, most people will use Google to find landscapers that can help them with their latest outdoor projects.

If you are not working on your website and making sure that you come up on results pages, you are missing out on business.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some top tips on SEO for landscapers and how you can make sure you are discoverable online.

Use Relevant Keywords

Let’s start from the very beginning. If it has been a while since you have updated your website or you have never concentrated on SEO, the first thing you will want to do is find relevant keywords.

We are talking about words people are going to use in order to find a landscaper. You need to use these keywords in your content so that you will rank when it comes to results pages.

Something to realize is that very popular keywords can be difficult to rank for at first.

So, it is best to stick to low-competition keywords. In addition, you can use long-tail keywords and local searches. This means that people in your area are going to find you.

Hire Professional Help

Of course, if you are a landscaper, you are going to be busy dealing with clients. This means that you might not have the time to dedicate to SEO. But, realize that this is not the end of the world.

You just have to recognize that you do not have the time and you can think about another way to boost the visibility of your website.

Namely, this is going to be through hiring professional help. For example, you can visit ClickSlice.

ClickSlice has a team that can provide a specialized SEO service that will help landscapers attract more customers.

This way, you are able to make sure that you deliver the best service to your customers while the team improves SEO and ensures that you can attract new ones.

Get a Google Business Profile

Again, you want to be found by customers in your local area. For example, it is not going to be much use if a customer in Inverness finds you online when you are based in London.

A good way to do this is by getting a Google Business Profile. This means that you are going to be displayed in your local area and people can see you on Google Maps.

Plus, all of your information will be there for them to contact you easily.

Make sure that you include your address, phone number, and, of course, your business name. You can also add some keywords to your description so that you can make the most of this opportunity.

Do not forget to add some photos.

This is something that customers like to see before they hire a landscaping company.

Create Landscaping Content

You want to demonstrate that you are an expert when it comes to landscaping. So, one way you can do this is by creating landscaping content.

You can discuss recent projects, trending designs, and even ways people can improve their outdoor space themselves. The purpose is to get using relevant keywords, as well as to demonstrate your authority.

In particular, you want to be creating content for your own blog. You can also venture out into guest posting so that you can spread the word about your business. Both of these things are going to help boost traffic.

Check Website Speeds

Something that every business owner should do is check the load time of their website. People do not realize just how important website speeds are when users are searching for information.

People will not wait even 30 seconds for the website to load. Instead, they will quit and choose another want. People need information fast and if you are not able to give it to them, they will leave.

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