What is commercial photography anyway?

Commercial photography is the use of images to help advertise your business for the use in sales, marketing, packaging and income-generating materials. One of the most important aspects of establishing an attractive brand is to clearly convey who you are and what your business is. Commercial photography is a very broad term and there are many different categories that can help to promote your work and each sub-category has its own benefits on how it will benefit your business.

The different areas of commercial photography are;

Portrait Photography

First and foremost, people buy from people. A customer will always want to get to know the person behind the business, this is a great way to build trust and show the personality behind the brand. Team photos are a great asset on your website to explain who works there and what their role is by complimenting the photos with a quick blurb.

Having portrait photos breaks the barrier from ‘business to person’, it helps the consumer feel more comfortable in contacting your company as they feel as though they are reaching out to an actual person. With an influx of businesses creating websites, having portrait photography helps you to set yourself apart by humanising your company and becoming something more than just an email address or phone number.


Photography by Kieron Trufitt and 2XL Solutions


Event Photography

Events require a lot of planning, from food, venue hire, ticket sales, promotion and hiring guest speakers. It makes sense to hire a professional photographer to capture the whole events of the day. There are many uses for professional high quality photos for your events, depending on the type of event you may use the photos to remind those that attended what the day was like, or show those who weren’t able to to be there what they missed, the photos can also be used to promote upcoming events and show the appeal on why they shouldn’t be missed.

If you’ve hired a high profile guest speaker these images can be used on their social media to help promote your company, as well as improving your media relations by using high quality images that look great in professional publications. These photos will also improve viewership on social media and photos of events have a very good rate of engagement online.

Product Photography

Nothing shows you care about your product more than taking professional photos, going the extra mile and hiring a professional can make all the difference when trying to convert clicks into sales. Professional product photos should show exactly what your product is and how it can be used which in turn reduces the likelihood a consumer will return the product. There are many different types of product photography including lifestyle, still life, flat lay and E-Commerce photography with a white background.

One of the advantages with hiring a professional is that it can save you time by sending the product straight to the photographer and they can deal with the whole production of the shoot by hiring models, set design, location scouting or shooting in their studio. Once the photos have been approved by you, the photographer simply sends back your product. Initially you will have a short phone call with the photographer and they will create a mood board detailing exactly what you would like the photos to look like and the time you save by hiring a photographer takes away unnecessary stress.


Photography by Kieron Trufitt and 2XL Solutions

Promotional Photography

Simply put, promotional photography is the use of photography to… well, promote your business. Promote your business using offline media in the form of banners, flyers, billboards and magazine articles, professional photos will elevate the way the people see your business, or you can use promotional photos online in different media publications or for your social media.

Why should I use professional commercial photography for my business?

Visual Story-Telling

You need to establish what your business is and make your brand instantly recognisable, creating attractive photography is the easiest way to showcase who you are, consumers are more likely to buy from visual content and professional photography is the most powerful way to tell your story without saying a word.

Photography is Extremely Shareable

Social media is powerful these days and creating  community online in the best way to grow your audience without spending any money on external advertising. Professional photos that are visually pleasing are more likely to get likes and shares online. The more photos you’re able to produce online the higher your audience engagement will be, growing your potential customers organically.

Easy to see who you are and what you do

Most people spend between 2-3 minutes on a website, this isn’t much time to sell who you are with words alone. Images are easy to digest quickly so professional commercial photography is the best way to visualise what you do in a snapshot. Pairing the photos with a short blurb is by far the most effective way to get your point across.


Photography by Kieron Trufitt and 2XL Solutions

All in all having a commercial photographer take photos for your business is initially a small expense that can generate a lot of income, we are world that is run by advertisements and to try and get ahead of your competition it is more important than ever to produce high quality content that is shareable, visually pleasing and shows exactly who you are and what you do.

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