How Well Are Your Google Ads Campaigns Performing?

Get your free Google Ads Health Check Report and identify opportunities for improvement in just 60 Seconds

1. Reduce Wasted Spend

2. Increase Conversions

3. Identify Missed Opportunities

4. Improve Quality Score

Get started with Adzooma in just
three simple steps

Complete The Simple Sign-Up Form

We’ll use this information to create your Adzooma account.

Link Your Google Ads Account

We’ll analyse your account data and produce a detailed 14-point account Health Check report in just 60 seconds.

Optimise and Improve Performance

Once we have analysed your account data we will suggest optimisations that you can action in just one click via the Adzooma PRO dashboard.

What you’ll get in just 60 seconds from now:

A free report, including a final grade, on your overall Google Ads performance, based on a detailed review of the following areas:

1. Reduce Wasted Spend

2. Improve Quality Score

3. Ad Extensions

4. Conversion Tracking

5. Location Targeting

6. Campaigns Limited by Budget

7. Network Targeting

8. Analytics Linked

9. Re-Marketing

10. Broad Modified Keywords

11. Multiple Ads

12. Losing Ads

13. Losing Keywords

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