The Journey begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton
So this is a new start for 2xl we have officially entered the realm of blogging. Despite us being a media agency we have done what 99% of businesses do and neglect ourselves to ensure our we provide our clients with the level of service they deserve. We are not a massive organisation with departmental staff and massive budgets, so life in the office is a continuous stream of deadlines, bills, frantic phone calls and endless interruptions.

“Permission marketing is marketing without interruptions” – Seth Godin

Until now we haven’t had a solution for the issues that we face. So what we decided to do is talk to our customers, YES! you got it, we actually talked to our customers. It seems like  a simple, easy thing to do on paper but the the egotistical part of the brain is screaming out; You can’t let your customers know that you need help, your supposed to be helping them! But guess what? The conversations we had with our loyal bunch of customers has not only helped us get a greater understanding of our business but has created a deeper relationship then simply just providing a service. Your customers are the life blood of the business without them theres not much work to do.




During the talks, we found out that we have a lot of work to do on ourselves. We asked some fundamental questions that directly effected our customers:

. What do you think we need to do better?

. What are you not happy with?

. How do you think we can improve on our service?

Asking pretty direct questions, gave us pretty direct answers but I think this is wake up call we needed! Now we have a roadmap gifted to us by our very own customers. I’m sure there is a moral to this story somewhere but I have no idea what ( : What I do have is one big take away, and that is, thanks to a change in our thought process we can now create a great opportunity for growth.



Having the debunked the myth that marketing is an expense that businesses have to become successful and not something that is done when you are successful. We finally have had a break through. We know our customers because we are our customers. We understand the pain points we understand the the budget restrictions, now we can offer a product that is suited for you. We make the big boys marketing expertise accessible for anyone. Everyone starts small. But with the right resources, you can execute big plans. 2xl’s services are powerful enough for Fortune 500 companies at a price point that works for anyone. You know your company. We’ll help you grow it.

As a closing note I would like to say thank you to all of our customers that helped us along the way



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